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Student Storage

Being a student is complicated enough without wondering what to do with your belongings during summer break, after graduation, or in a small living space. That’s where Storage Express comes in. Our friendly staff can help students find the best storage option for them and provide the space they need to get through their education smoothly.

Storage for the Summer

When the dorms close, not every student has the means to lug all their things back home, especially if home is a long ways away. And if you’re spending your summer break in town with some buffer time in between moves, you’ll need a place for your varying school supplies and dorm items. Storage Express offers competitively priced storage solutions that will help carry you through until school begins in the fall.

Storage for Tiny Dorms

Most college students don’t exactly have access to opulent or large living quarters. If your roommate has taken over your dorm room, if you need to bring or store particularly large or bulky items, or if your living space is just too tiny, self storage offers a convenient way for you to live larger than your dorm room. Our units are available 24/7, so you can access your additional items whenever it fits your busy schedule.

Storage for Graduation

Not sure where you’re going after graduation? No problem. Your items can make a home inside our units that are monitored with video surveillance until you decide where you’re going to end up. When you do, call in a moving truck and kick off the next step in your life from our facility.

Storage Express: Helping You Pass the Organization Test with Flying Colors

If you’re a student or a parent of a student who needs storage, check out Storage Express. Our storage units are great solutions for students of all kinds. Give us a call and reserve a unit near you today!