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Life Events Storage

Sometimes life throws you a curveball—and sometimes you throw it yourself. In those times of upheaval, it’s helpful to have support in getting through it all. That’s where Storage Express comes in. Self storage is an ideal option when you need storage unexpectedly or when there are no other options for storing your items.

With 24/7 access, around-the-clock customer service, competitive pricing, and a wide variety of available units in more than 100 facilities across the Midwest, Storage Express is your storage solution when life events happen.

Remodeling, Moving, and Home Events

When there’s a disruption in the place that holds your belongings, self storage can step in and fill the gap. Whether you’re remodeling, moving to a new apartment, selling or buying your first house, or recovering from storm or flood damage caused by inclement weather, Storage Express can shelter your items for you while you get everything back to normal.

Relationship Changes

Big relationship changes often accompany a need for additional storage in one way or another. These are major events that transcend simple storage needs, and Storage Express is here to help in any way we can. Marriage, divorce, and moving in with or out from a significant other are examples of relationship changes with which storage can assist.

Family Events

Family events can be unexpected, like a sudden death, or expected, like the birth of a baby or your parents’ move to a retirement home. Either way, self storage can help you navigate these sometimes life-changing events—no matter if you need a unit to help make space for a baby room or to store some family members’ items before you go through them.

It’s also important to be prepared if your baby eagle returns to the nest. Whether your kids are moving back home or the entire family is waiting to move into a new house, you’ll have to make up for the space you lost. A storage unit is a perfect option to hold you over for the short or long term.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Them in Self Storage

Everyone needs a little more space sometimes. Regardless of the reason—planned or unplanned, happy or sad—Storage Express can provide high-quality storage units. And if it’s your first time using self storage, our friendly and professional staff can help show you the ropes. When you need storage due to a life event, we can help. Find a Storage Express facility near you today!