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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I lost my key?

Should you lose your key and need your lock removed, please print the Authorization to Cut Lock form, complete the required information, and fax it to 877-389-8888, scan/email it to or return it by mail. For further assistance, contact us at 1-800-786-7348.

Who has access to my storage space?

You are the only one with access to your space. You lock it - you keep the key.

What do I need to do when I move out?

Please notify us 30 days in advance of your planned vacate date. When you're finished with the space, all we ask is that it's completely empty and your lock is removed, so you won't be charged further rent. If we find your space vacant and unlocked, we will assume you have already moved out.

Do you sell moving & packing supplies?

No, we do not sell moving or packing supplies.

Why I am still being charged for a space that I’ve vacated?

There are two reasons: your space was found locked after your planned vacate date OR your space is still occupied with some of your belongings. If you believe there is an error in your billing, please contact us by phone.

What happens if I leave items in my space that I don’t want?

Any items left in your space are your responsibility. We will continue to charge you rent until your space is empty and unlocked.

What is the easiest way to pay my bill?

We offer a number of convenient payments options for you to choose from:
  • Pay online
  • Pay by phone
  • Pay by mail
  • Pay at the property -- If you want to pay in person through one of our kiosks, visit one of our 24/7 Rental & Payment Centers.
  • Automatically -- It's easy.  No more check writing.  No more postage.  No late payments.  Payments are on time, every time.

Why don’t I receive a monthly statement in the mail?

We do not provide paper bills free of charge. You may provide us with your email address and we'll send you a complimentary e-statement each month.

Why am I not receiving e-statements?

We apologize for any difficulty you may be experiencing with our e-statement system. We rarely experience the problem you are having and we appreciate your patience while we work through it. Please send an email to and include your account number and email address. We will try to resend your current e-statement to you. To prevent this from happening again, please add to your preferred or accepted email list or address book. If you still do not receive the e-statement, please check to see that it isn't being redirected to your "deleted" or "junk mail" folders.

Does Storage Express insure my belongings?

Storage Express does not insure the items in your storage unit and likewise is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to those items stored.  As a result, we do require you to insure the items you are storing. If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance you may already be set; just check your policy to see if you are covered. If you are, make sure you complete the Bader Insurance Form (received at the time of rental) and then send us a copy of your declaration page as evidence of your coverage.  Documents may be emailed to or mailed to Storage Express, P.O. Box 70, Bloomington, IN 47402. ** NOTE:  Even if you are self-insuring, completion of the Bader company form is required with your rental. If you declare you are self-insured but do not provide proof of coverage, you will continue to be enrolled and billed for the smallest insurance policy with Bader Company. More information can also be found at

Do you provide locks?

You'll need to provide your own lock and key so that you are the only one with access to your space. We highly recommend a disc lock or a padlock with a thick shackle.

What is the minimum rental commitment?

Storage Express has a one-month minimum rental commitment.  All spaces operate as month-to-month rentals; however, you can move out whenever you want...we just need one month's notice.  Once you’ve rented a storage space with us, you’ve got it for as long as you need it. You can rent for as little as a month.  No portion of your first month's rent will be refunded or prorated.  We will refund (usually within 15 days) any credit over $25 on your account beyond the minimum payment of one month's rent.  After your first month, your rent will be prorated to the day you move out provided:
  • You have given us a 30-day notice of your planned move-out date
  • The space is completely empty of all items (trash and treasure)
  • You remove your lock

What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on size and the type of storage needed (indoor, outdoor, covered parking, heated & cooled, etc.). Our Self Storage Specialists are available 24-hours a day at 1-800-786-7348 (1-800-786-7348) and will happily help you determine the appropriate sized space, most suitable to fit your needs and budget.

What kind of information is needed to rent a storage space?

To rent a space with Storage Express, we will need the following:
  • To speak with the person who will be responsible for payments on the account (the person whose name is on the account)
  • Mailing address / e-mail address
  • Two phone numbers
  • Driver's License # (or valid state or government issued I.D. #)
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • 1st month's rent payment

How long will it take to complete my rental transaction?

On average, it takes less than 10 minutes to set up your entire account. Once you hang up the phone, you can move into your space immediately.

What are your hours of operation?

You can reach us by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a customer of ours, you have 24/7 access to your space.

What’s the most common size rented?

Our 10' x 15' units are the most popular size that customers rent.

How can I update my account information?

It's super easy. Click on Account (at the top of this web page) to access and update your account info. You can also check your balance in your account details.