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Temperature Controlled Units – When do they make sense?

Temperature controlled self storage

As the weather outside becomes more frigid we do everything we can to combat it. We crank up the heat at home, let the car warm up in the morning and bundle up before going out. While we do all we can to combat the cold at home the same care isn’t usually on our minds when storing items. A heated and cooled storage space will minimize the impact of these changing, often extreme, temperatures on your stored items. Answering the following quick questions can help decide if a heated and cooled space is right for you.

What are you storing?

While wild temperature changes and extremes can cause damage to almost anything there are certain items that are more susceptible. Things like leather or fine wood furniture, art work, documents, electronics and musical instruments are all very susceptible to damage from temperature swings or extremes. In addition to insuring the items, a heated and cooled storage space can help prevent any lasting damage to items.

How long are you storing?

The length of time is important to consider when storing your items. If you plan on storing for more than 6 months, enough time to go through a seasonal change, a heated and cooled space becomes more beneficial. Even items that would be fine in the short term can begin to experience damage over the long run if exposed to multiple temperature swings or prolonged periods of extremely high or low temperatures.

How often do you need to access the items?

An oft overlooked aspect when storing is how often you will need to visit the space. For many people, especially those who are storing items for work, they will be making several trips to their space a month. While the space will not be as comfortable as your home, heating and cooling can make it a little more bearable loading and unloading items.

Weather in the Midwest can often be unpredictable. A heated and cooled storage space can help offset that by keeping your items at a constant temperature. With several locations offering heated and cooled storage, including a brand new facility in Indianapolis, Storage Express offers high quality heated and cooled options along with our fantastic set of amenities and 24/7 customer service.

Contributed by Tim Dunn