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“Takin’ Care Of Business” … & Inventory!

Woman Packing Closet

Store your excess inventory at Storage Express.

You’ve just opened your office and need a place to store your excess inventory. You could keep it in the office, but you don’t want the clutter making things look unprofessional. You could rent a warehouse, but that comes with an expensive long-term lease. What may not cross your mind is renting a self-storage space. Self-storage spaces offer several advantages over leased warehouse or office space that can help save money for your business.

Flexible and short-term

At most facilities, including Storage Express, all rentals are month to month. You won’t end up signing a 12 month lease on a warehouse you only need for six. Additionally, as your business grows your storage space can grow with you. Transferring to a larger space is a lot easier than trying to find a larger warehouse and getting out of a lease. With no commitment and multiple sizes to choose from, you can be sure the amount of space always meets your needs.

Convenient and secure

Storage Express keeps the rental process simple. Without any deposits, administration fees or other hidden costs, you can be sure the rate you are quoted is the rate you end up paying. With 24/7 customer service and access we are always available in case you have any questions or issues, something you can’t say about most landlords. On top of that, most properties feature several video cameras recording activity on the property and controlled access gates restricting who can enter the property.

Cost Effective

A storage space is almost always more cost effective than renting an additional warehouse or office space, especially if you don’t need thousands of feet of space. Warehouse space can rent for over $3 per square foot. A large storage space on the other hand can often be found for less than $1 a square foot. These added savings come without giving up any amenities. With professional pest control, drive up access, security cameras and many other features a storage space can offer you the same level of protection for a fraction of the cost.

Running a business is hard enough on its own without adding additional headaches of finding space for your inventory. A storage space from Storage Express takes the hassle out of storing your inventory. Give us a call or check us out one of our 88 convenient locations online and see how Storage Express can help with your business storage needs.