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Start Fresh in 2015. Kiss Clutter Goodbye!


With the New Year upon us it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions. If one of your resolutions is to get more organized Storage Express can help you start off 2015 organized and clutter free.

Kiss holiday decorations goodbye

The holidays have come and gone but the decorations are still taking up space. Instead of out for everyone to see, they are clogging up the garage or closet. While you only need the decorations once a year they cause clutter year round. Moving the decorations into a storage space frees up room for the things you need often. It also beats moving boxes and boxes of holiday decorations just to get to the one box buried underneath.

Kiss clutter goodbye

You’ve brought the gifts home but now it’s time to find a place for everything. You could try to fit everything into the limited space have but that just creates a cluttered mess. Getting rid of things seems like a great idea in theory but you never know when you might need something later. Instead of trying to jam things into places they won’t fit or throwing away things you really want, rent a storage space. You can de-clutter without disposing.

Kiss stress goodbye

Storage Express makes renting a storage space stress free. You can rent a space 24 hours a day online, over the phone or at one of our convenient Rental Centers. The whole process takes as little as 5 minutes before you are ready to start moving. Additionally Storage Express offers top notch service and security. In addition to the fence and gate, properties feature several security cameras with live feeds directly into our main office. We even include professional pest control services at no additional cost.

While Storage Express can’t help you with that diet we can definitely help you get organized. Kiss 2014 goodbye and make room for 2015 with a storage space from Storage Express.

Contributed by Tim Dunn