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Smart Shed Storage: Making the Most of the Limited Space You Have


If you’re like any great Midwesterner in Noblesville IN, you know the importance of having a shed in your backyard. It serves as the outdoor closet for everything from lawnmowers to sporting equipment. However, it can get cluttered in no time if it’s not consistently organized. Storage Express has a few tips for keeping your shed neat without much effort – and how self storage can help with the excess.

3 Ways to Organize Your Shed

Install a pegboard on the wall.

Want to organize your small tools and have them easily within reach? Install a pegboard above your workbench, and use it to hang your ratchets, hammers, and other tools. You can also insert longer pegs to hang packs of screws, nails, and other small items.

Create a hanging jar system.

Make use of the space in between the shelves with a hanging jar system. It works perfectly for organizing those small bits and pieces and keeping things out of the way. All you need is a few jars, an electric screwdriver, and some screws to create these useful and convenient storage spaces. Drill the jar lids into the undersides of each shelf. Next, put your drill bits, screws, bolts, and other small hardware into separate jars. Afterward, screw the jars into the lids, and enjoy your organized space.

Use your empty containers.

Put your empty flowerpots, baskets, and other unused containers to use. Don’t pile them up in the corner of your shed. Use them to store everyday items such as string, gloves and tape. Boxes also work for the job, but make sure to label them with a marker to identify the contents without having to sift through each box. Shelving is also beneficial, as it lets you store your containers and gives you more room to walk through your shed.

Get More Space with Storage Units

A cluttered shed makes it hard to get what you need without fumbling around and knocking things on the floor. If your shed is too small for your belongings, Storage Express can help. Our storage units have ample space for your excess items and are conveniently located in eastern Noblesville, IN. When clutter takes over your shed, use self storage to take back control of the space.