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Small Business Storage Solutions Can Make Things More Manageable


Running a small business can be stressful—especially if you’re worried about your bottom line, downsizing staff, or vacating your office space entirely. And that’s not to mention the small day-to-day stuff that might add stress, like managing excess inventory or office essentials.

Throughout the transitions, trials, and tribulations our local businesses have endured, Storage Express has been open and prepared to serve commercial storage needs. As an essential business, our self storage solutions are critical to companies’ economic well-being and supply chains of companies that count on our units for storing equipment, inventories, and more. That’s why our storage facilities across Illinois, Indiana, and surrounding states including Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee offer space, time, and cost efficiencies for your startup or small business through the ups and downs.

Benefits and Uses of Commercial Storage Units

When you’re developing a company, adequate space for all your operations can be hard to come by. No matter if you’re working out of your home, building a full team of employees, or seeking ways to cut overhead expenses, Storage Express can lend a hand with storage for your small business.

Cost and Space Efficiency for Startups and Small Companies

If you’re on a budget (spoiler: all businesses are), it’s not exactly feasible to move your team or inventory into a large commercial space. Instead of spending a chunk of money on a long-term lease or real estate investment, why not take advantage of a commercial storage unit designated for storing your products and supplies?

graphic comparing how business self storage can save time and money over other options

When you rent self storage for business needs, there are no long-term commitments required—so you won’t get locked into a contract that’s not serving you. Pay for your unit for as long as you need it, with convenient online and autopay options. You can also pay by phone, mail, or our 24-hour self-service kiosks.

However, if you do need storage for an extended period, you can also save money with prepayment discounts when you pay six or 12 months in advance. Our affordable storage insurance options are designed to add an extra layer of protection on your stored items.

Streamlined Inventory Management and Equipment Storage

From retail to sales to lawn care to e-commerce, a wide array of industries encounter the need for more storage solutions. If you’re lucky, it won’t hinder your productivity or ability to work—but often, it can. And when you’re simply focused on the many tasks at hand, keeping your physical space organized is probably the last thing on your mind.

Some items that commonly consume space in commercial buildings include:

  • Excessive inventory
  • Sales and marketing collateral
  • Tools and equipment
  • Office supplies or materials
  • Paper records and documents
  • Unused office furniture

Whether you have a surplus of goods or have to preorder supplies, inventory, or sample products consistently, it can be a struggle to keep it both organized and out of the way. When your business grows and sells even more, that spare closet or bedroom likely won’t provide the most sustainable storage.

Features and Solutions to Simplify Storing Commercial Products

4 storage solutions to simplify commercial storage: convenient access, close proximity to worksite, climate-controlled options, and more room for organization

With a storage unit for business purposes, you can rent your space in a central location to your worksite, which allows you to preserve excess inventory and travel without keeping your vehicle full of stuff you don’t immediately need. Even if you don’t work out of an office or sell products, service providers such as landscapers and contractors can benefit from a reliable place to store equipment and supplies, too. An offsite storage solution keeps it all in order under one roof so you can get back to what’s important: doing your job. Add shelves and leave walkways in your unit to accommodate quick access while ensuring everything’s in reach.

At select locations, you can opt for a heated and cooled storage unit for added peace of mind and shelter from unpredictable weather. To take some of the stress out of storage, our facilities also offer extended access hours for tenants. Visit your unit any day of the week, 365 days a year via personalized gate code access.

Overflow Space During Expansion or Downsizing

Any pursuit worthwhile is bound to expand and contract with growing pains. But if that rhythm of ebb and flow turns into turbulence for your company, you might be left without enough room for everything—be it more employees or all the furniture from an old office.

a packed office running out of space versus people downsizing and moving out of an office space

Fortunately, storage units can help you grow with your business seamlessly. If you could use a bigger or smaller space, you can transfer to the unit you need by choosing from a range of sizes.

Unfortunately, however, downsizing your team or workspace may be a reality of uncertain economic times. Whether your business is closing for good or awaiting more stability to reopen, self storage is here to help maintain your inventory and supplies until they’re needed. Call us or rent a storage unit at the drop of a hat. We’re always ready and available to help 24 hours a day.

Storage for Small Business Through the Growing Pains

At Storage Express, we have a stake in the communities we serve—knowing they would be nothing without all the entrepreneurs that serve our neighbors. We also understand that business operations can go south within the blink of an eye for reasons out of your control.

Whatever leaves your company or office in a bind for space, turn to us for commercial self storage solutions for relief during good times and bad. You’ll get more than just a storage unit for your stuff—your entire crew can even enjoy the full range of features and benefits that come along with our rentals, all while saving precious space, time, and money. If you need help reserving storage or have questions, our customer service team is available around the clock when you call 24/7/365; that’s how we roll.