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Self Storage Holiday Tips

With the holiday season just around the corner everyone’s schedule will start to get busier. Whether it’s finding a place for the decorations or just removing some of the clutter before the relatives arrive, self-storage can make your life easier around the holidays, especially when the facility offers 24/7 access and customer service for your convenience. Here are a few ideas for seasonal self-storage that can help make your holiday season go from humbug to happy.

Stashing gifts

After you’ve fought the Black Friday frenzy and finished shopping, it’s time to hide your haul. The closet at home seems like a good place, but it’s also the first spot prying eyes are going to look. Instead, a small storage space at a secure property keeps your gifts a secret until the moment you give them. A facility with 24/7 access allows you to pick them up the moment you need them and 24/7 customer service ensures that your forgotten gate code is just a phone call away.

Cleaning out the closet

Let’s face it; you aren’t going to need those shorts anytime soon. More often than not people leave their seasonal clothes in the closet with everything else. You won’t spend another morning digging through shorts and t-shirts just to find that sweater. As an added bonus your closet will look tidier without those piles of clothes you won’t wear for six months.

Making room for decorations

Decorating for the holidays can be a great family activity. It can also be frustrating when you are trying to find a place for everything. Instead of trying to fit everything into what little space you have, try packing away some of your “year round” decorations. It will let your holiday decorations take front and center while keeping your house from being cluttered.

Seasonal storage can help make your holiday season a little less stressful. Instead of trying to cram the holidays into your life, make room for them by storing out of season items at a self-storage facility. Whether you’re in a small town like Waverly, Tenn. or a big city like Indianapolis, Storage Express is open 24 hours a day! Call or visit us anytime from the early morning to the middle of the night.

Contributed by Tim Dunn