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Self Storage 101

self storage 101

All storage spaces are not created equal. It’s easy to think that a 10’ x 10’ storage space is the same no matter where you go, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each facility is different and the extra services and amenities are what will make your storage experience top notch. When shopping around you definitely want to consider the following features.


It’s your stuff in storage so why should you only be allowed to access it during certain hours? Make sure that the facility allows your space 24/7. It’s also a good idea to take a drive by the facility at night. You want to check that it’s well lit and that you would feel comfortable there after dark.


If they have a gate you want to find out how they assign access codes. Some companies use the same gate code for every customer, allowing former customers continued access even after they stop storing. Make sure that your code is unique to you and that they are promptly deactivated after customers move out. The most visible security measure is the fence and gate, but it isn’t the only thing to ask about. Confirm that the facility has cameras that are regularly viewed and take high quality video. You also want to make sure that someone is regularly checking each individual space for anything out of the ordinary. All the security features in the world aren’t useful unless someone is routinely checking them.

Pest Control

The facility should do preemptive treatments for both insects and rodents. You should be able to see things like bait stations around the property. You will also want to know what happens if a pest problem would arise. Do they have a contract with a professional pest control company and will that company perform treatments on your space at no cost to you?

Customer Service

Before you rent you want to ask about deposits and other fees. While they may offer a “$1 first month” special, they may not be as forthcoming about the required $20 deposit, $15 administration fee and $10 lock charge. After you rent it’s also important that you can get in touch with someone if a problem were to occur. If your gate code isn’t working at 9 p.m. on a Sunday, will you be able to connect with someone and get help? Lastly, see what kind of conveniences they offer. Being able to pay online, submit a move out notice over the phone, or sign your Rental Agreement electronically all make your rental process smoother.

Storage Express offers top notch amenities at all of our locations including professional pest control, 24/7 access, 24/7 customer service and no deposits or administration fees. Our Self Storage Specialists are knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have about our properties. Give us a call or contact us to get your space set up in as little as 5 minutes.

Contributed by Tim Dunn