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Real Storage Auctions of Indianapolis: Debunking the Myths

Auction Sign

Don’t believe everything that you see on television. Storage auctions happen quite often in Indianapolis, IN, but they’re rarely like the bidding wars that take place in TV shows. An auction happens when a renter has no longer paid the monthly rent and leaves their items behind in self storage. We’re here to debunk the myths surrounding storage auctions and help you understand how they work.

The 3 Biggest Storage Auction Myths

You don’t know what’s inside a unit.

You never go blindly into a storage auction. In fact, the facility opens the doors and gives everyone a peek inside before the event begins. Though you can’t step foot inside the storage unit until you’ve won the bid, you can look inside with a flashlight to spot things farther in the back.

The facility removes valuables beforehand.

People don’t intend to use self storage with the purpose of leaving their items behind for other people to buy later. Some people store valuables; others store clutter. The storage facility doesn’t sift through the items before it auctions off everything.

Not every storage unit contains valuables, but you can make money by selling some items online or at a yard sale. Facilities like Storage Express don’t make profits from auctions. The whole purpose is to recoup the money that’s owed for the rental unit.

You have to attend the auction in person.

On TV, you may see several people battling it out at the facility for the items in the unit. Though some auctions are held on-site, most facilities now handle them through online services. You can view the items on the screen and bid on the unit if you like what you see. An auction is more helpful this way, as you get the chance to research the items online beforehand to see what they’re worth.

Start Bidding with Storage Express

Though real-life storage auctions are much different than those on TV, they offer a fun experience when you find something that you can use or sell for profit. Check out our auctions schedule to learn more about the rules and when everything takes place in Indianapolis, IN. Because we host everything through, you can participate in all the action from the comfort of your home.