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Outsmart Pests

Self Storage pest control

Summer is finally here and with it Mother Nature is in full swing. The grass is green, the flowers have bloomed and the insects and critters have come out. With a little bit of preparation you can ensure that your items are better protected from any curious creatures who might try to sneak into your space.

Check with the facility

The first step to preventing pests starts before you even begin moving into your space. When you are shopping for storage ask them how they handle pest control. Ask if they have a contract already in place with a professional pest control company. The best facilities will perform both preventative treatments as well as localized treatments if an issue arises.

Take a serious look at insurance

Insuring your items is the best way to protect their value. Even with all of the preventative measures in the world sometimes things happen. Your self-storage provider should have information on insurance and that is usually given along with your rental agreement. If you already have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, talk to your insurance provider; many times they will extend your coverage to items in storage at no additional cost.

Don’t store in cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are great for moving, but they aren’t built for long term storage. They are easy for pests to get into and offer little protection to the items inside. Instead of boxes invest in plastic totes with tight sealing lids. In addition to providing greater protection for the items inside the sturdier plastic makes them safer and easier to stack than a flimsy cardboard box.

Watch what you store

Make sure that whatever goes into your space isn’t going to attract critters. While it’s easy to avoid the obvious and not store any perishable food some other items might get overlooked. Live plants can be an attractive option for insects and a bag of bird seed will draw mice. If something eats it, then it probably isn’t something you want to store.

Clean, clean, clean

Before putting your items into storage make sure to clean them, especially if they came from the kitchen. While the toaster may look fine on the outside the crumbs that are trapped inside will be an easy meal for pests. It may take a little extra time, but thoroughly cleaning everything beforehand can save you headaches later.

Be proactive and speak up

Once you put your lock on the door management can’t see what is happening inside your space. Do your best to regularly check inside your space and make sure everything looks in order. If you do notice signs of pests, let the property management know immediately. They should be able to make arrangements with you to treat your space.

Storage Express offers professional pest control service at all of its locations for no additional cost. It’s just one of the several amenities that we offer to help protect your items. Give us a call or visit our website to see how our amenities can help you have a safe and convenient storage experience.