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Minimalism Made Easy with Self Storage

Chair and a table

Minimalism has swept the nation and affected how people live in and decorate their homes. Residents in Clarksville, IN are hopping on the minimalist train, opting for less clutter and more space. Living minimally doesn’t mean getting rid of everything in your home. In fact, it simply means getting rid of the excess to live more comfortably; and, with self storage, you can fake it ‘til you make it. Here are some tips for living the minimalistic lifestyle, without having to throw out your stuff.

Keep the Essentials at Home

Take a look around your room and ask yourself whether you frequently use every single item in there. If there’s something that you only use every once in a while, stick it in a storage unit. Often, decluttering is a difficult task because of the emotional attachment that some belongings carry. With self storage, you can remove the clutter without losing that emotional value.

Remember: Simplicity

Minimalism is about clearing your living space to imitate clearing your mind. Many minimalists are also experts at mindfulness, which helps you live in the moment. This simplistic area of interior design relies on the principle that less is more. That means less décor on the walls, less furniture, and less clothing taking up your closet space. Unfortunately, sometimes you want a variety; that’s where self storage comes in. Store your out-of-season wardrobe and home accessories and swap them out when the seasons switch. This is a great way of maintaining minimalism, without sacrificing your freedom of choice.

Out of Sight, Still in Mind

If you’re removing clutter and unnecessary stuff from a room, it has to go somewhere. A dedicated storage unit for you belongings is the perfect way to give your items a home away from home. You’ll know that you still have access to some of your favorite things, but won’t be bogged down by clutter. Self storage is the perfect solution for those who want to redesign minimally, giving you a place for storing things out of sight and opening up your floor plan back home.

Fake a Minimalist Lifestyle with Self Storage

Living a minimalist lifestyle in Clarksville, IN doesn’t mean throwing away or selling everything that you own. After all, you never know when your design tastes will change and you’ll want to redecorate with things from the past. Keeping your belongings at Storage Express will give you access to things whenever you want them. Our storage units are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and added features like drive-up options make them even more ideal for easy access.