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Life Events Series: Self Storage for 20-Somethings During Transition


“Adulting” looks different to everyone. While plenty of people prefer to start settling down with a career, house, and family when they reach their 20s, others aren’t in any hurry to make drastic lifestyle commitments. After all, in our fast-paced culture, age 30 is becoming the new 20. Both decades of life are equally typical times for self-discovery, life transitions, and gaining a renewed sense of purpose.

Paving your own way in life consists of a series of trial and error decisions as you make “edits” to your jobs, relationships, and routines. You may find that decluttering and downsizing your belongings isn’t just reserved for when you reach middle age or retirement. Maybe you’d like to minimize your material possessions proactively—leaving yourself with less to maintain and feel tied down by. (It could even save you money down the line!)

Making Way for Young Adult Life with Storage Space

On the other hand, you may have more items than you know what to do with or have room for. It’s not always wise to get rid of things you might need later or are waiting to use until a new phase of life.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum as a young adult, storage units are always an option to help streamline your journey to a less cluttered, more organized living space. From dorm-dwelling college students to busy married couples with kids, there’s a range of people in their 20s and 30s who have seen the benefits of self storage extend beyond merely creating more space at home.

At Storage Express, we’re all about finding ways to help you maximize time, money, and space during exciting, troublesome, or uncertain periods of transition. Whether you’re starting to build a resume, a business, or a family in your young adult years, storage can give you the breathing room to focus on what matters by using your space wisely.

Storage can benefit young adults who are going to college, starting a career, relocating cities, buying or building a home, getting married, or having children.

Self Storage for College Students

For those who pursue higher education, going off to college feels like the first step into the “real world.” However, living in a dorm with a roommate can raise complications and discomforts you’ve never had before, and finding affordable, campus-accessible housing can be a rushed process each year.

Student life brings a lot of uncertainty—so if there’s a gap between apartment leases or life after graduation is still a question mark, a storage unit can hold onto your belongings during your transition to a new semester or life chapter. When summer break rolls around, it’s not always feasible to haul all your possessions back home. If you’re living in a student residential hall, space is at a premium. And should you be lucky enough to enroll in a study abroad program for a summer, semester, or entire year, your stuff is going to need a “home away from home.”

From cramped quarters to bulky items you just can’t make room for, there are inconveniences to justify needing self storage. Competitively priced storage solutions and a range of unit sizes can provide you peace of mind while you prioritize your education. Throughout college, your schedule is anything but predictable, which is why convenience along with flexible hours and leases are non-negotiable when seeking student storage.

Self Storage for Starting Your Career

Whether you’ve recently graduated from college or from high school, choosing a career path can be scary. You might work from home, manage a restaurant, or own a business and have an excess of inventory or supplies or be in limbo before you put down roots.

Fortunately, if you’re feeling crowded by clutter, commercial self storage solutions can be a perfect fit for businesses as well as those making room for a growing career. Getting your professional life off the ground requires a launchpad, and a storage unit can hold onto your personal or business belongings until whenever you need them next.

Self Storage for Moving to a New Area

Is your career or college program taking you to a different city? Do you simply enjoy the adventure and benefits of frequent moves? Sometimes, even the biggest moves can be a last-minute ordeal, leaving you in a bind for housing. Self storage space is often a savior and stress-saver during such times of transition.

When using self storage for a big move, know what to store, find the best location and hours, and take advantage of space flexibility.

When you need to use a storage unit during a move, keep several factors in mind. If you’re relocating on short notice, storage adds some leeway in case you’re still hunting for homes and have to stay somewhere in the short term. This flexibility allows you to keep large or lesser-used items offsite throughout the initial transition. Choosing a storage facility nearby your new digs will give you all the time you need to settle in and—if you wish—gradually transfer some belongings back home.

Self Storage for Buying or Building a Home

It’s a big leap to go from paying monthly rent to a monthly mortgage. When you buy a house, it will likely open up more living space than you had before. But don’t make the same mistake as many homebuyers and let your garage, basement, and attic become personal storage units that are overtaken with your things. You’re paying for the square footage, so let yourself live in it!

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you might be staging your home for sale as you search for a new one; you might even build your dream house! These times of in-between may require more space than you have, whether you’re doing a major decluttering project before putting your house on the market or lack space for your vehicle or boat.

Self Storage for Getting Married

To get married is to make a promising commitment to “forever”—but it’s no little thing! If you’re officially saying “I do” or moving in with your significant other, consolidating clutter and possessions from both parties of the relationship can prove difficult. You might find yourself asking the other person, “Why do you need to keep that?”

list of questions to ask before combining households

If you both have duplicate pieces of furniture or bulky items like luggage and sports equipment, an accessible self storage unit provides takes the pressure off immediately deciding what to do with everything. Plus, you’re likely to have certain sentimental belongings that hold history and memories, such as childhood photo albums or Grandma’s vintage dresser. Heated and cooled storage and 24/7 access to the facility can ensure your peace of mind knowing your items are protected and only a drive away.

Self Storage for Having Kids

Of all the momentous events you experience in your 20s and 30s, none will quite compare to that of having your first child. But bringing a little human into your life will cause priorities to shift fast, and that office or spare room may quickly have to become a nursery.

No matter how much you try to give away and reorganize your home in preparation, space is at a premium when you start a family. Even a baby shower can leave you with more gifts than you planned for. And once your child gets older, it’s possible you’ll have another—so don’t get rid of those toys so fast! Take advantage of the flexibility that self storage can offer as your kids grow up so your living space can grow with them.

Storage Units for All Life Events and Transitions

Whether you’re moving away for your first “real” job at age 22 or learning to peacefully cohabitate with your spouse at 32, you need room to breathe during these times of transition. Major life events as a young adult are both exciting and a whirlwind, and ultimately, nothing should stand in the way of your goals and happiness.

At Storage Express, we design our storage experience around the everyday needs of our customers—which is why we offer a variety of self storage solutions such as convenient payment options, 24-hour customer service and facility access, advanced security measures, and more. A storage unit can help make room for whatever’s next as you’re building your life. Find a facility near you, then rent your unit online today!