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How to Navigate a Last-Minute Move and Secure Housing

As if packing up your life for a move isn’t stressful enough, sometimes you may have to do it at the last minute due to unexpected circumstances or life events. Don’t let a short-notice move make you short-circuit—Storage Express offers this guide of helpful tips for moving at the last minute. Preparing for Your Last-Minute […]

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Small Business Storage Solutions Can Make Things More Manageable

Running a small business can be stressful—especially if you’re worried about your bottom line, downsizing staff, or vacating your office space entirely. And that’s not to mention the small day-to-day stuff that might add stress, like managing excess inventory or office essentials. Throughout the transitions, trials, and tribulations our local businesses have endured, Storage Express […]

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Life Events Series: Self Storage for 20-Somethings in Times of Transition

“Adulting” looks different to everyone. While plenty of people prefer to start settling down with a career, house, and family when they reach their 20s, others aren’t in any hurry to make drastic lifestyle commitments. After all, in our fast-paced culture, age 30 is becoming the new 20. Both decades of life are equally typical […]

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Life Events Series: Self Storage for Students Through the Seasons

The typical college student is in a state of nearly constant transition, from new roommates to studying abroad to moving home for the summer months. Downsizing your belongings before moving into a dorm room—then collecting more stuff from back home before moving into your first apartment—is hard work and can make it difficult to ever […]

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Life Event Series: Sorting Through Belongings While Moving a Loved One Into a Retirement Home

When an elderly loved one is no longer suited to live independently, coming to an agreement about that fact can be anything from a pleasantly painless conversation to a frustrating, long-fought battle. After all, it’s not always easy to accept help—especially when it involves a permanent lifestyle change. Therefore, helping a friend or family member […]

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Mother congratulating her daughter on graduation day.
Life Events Series: How to Handle Your Baby Eagle Leaving the Nest for College

The summer before college begins is one chock-full of complex emotions and feelings. From immense excitement to intense waves of nostalgia, both parents and recent high school graduates will feel all the feels with such a huge life milestone looming on the horizon. Despite the positivity that surrounds your child’s new life adventure, it can […]

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Life Events Series: Giving Yourself Room in Retirement

Retirement is a big life event, signaling your departure from the workforce and the beginning of an entirely new – and more relaxed – lifestyle. Despite the monetary implications of retirement, there’s more to it than sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink, working your way through your savings. Use this Life Events Series […]

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Family relaxing on couch after moving into their new home.
Life Events Series: Making Space for a Growing Family

Families have a lot of stuff. It’s simply a part of any young (and growing) household. From the minute you decide to have kids, you start adding more and more possessions. But with your home becoming more crowded by the day (they sure are aging out of their clothes fast, aren’t they?), a big question […]

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A Guide to Protecting and Preserving Wooden Furniture

It gets hot and humid in the summer and frigid during the long winter months in Princeton, IN. These extreme temperature fluctuations don’t do any good for stored furniture. Hot, dry weather causes cracks in wooden chairs and tables, and high humidity leads to warping and premature aging. Before you store your furniture in your […]

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Smart Shed Storage: Making the Most of the Limited Space You Have

If you’re like any great Midwesterner in Noblesville IN, you know the importance of having a shed in your backyard. It serves as the outdoor closet for everything from lawnmowers to sporting equipment. However, it can get cluttered in no time if it’s not consistently organized. Storage Express has a few tips for keeping your […]

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Window Cleaning
The Benefits of Keeping Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine Year-Round

As spring comes to an end in New Albany, IN, time is running out to get to your spring cleaning. No one wants to spend a month in the summer to clean out every room in their house. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a one-season chore; it can be done all year long. Storage […]

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Packing a Suitcase
Vacationing Without Clutter: Tips for Packing Lightly & Efficiently

Summertime is close at hand, making residents in Madison, IN plan for their next vacation. Maybe it’s time to book a flight to another country, or perhaps it sounds like a great idea to visit a beach down in Florida. No matter where you go, packing lightly is the best way to stay organized and […]

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Packing the house
Sorting Before Moving: What You Should and Shouldn’t Keep

Moving is difficult work, no matter if you’re relocating across the country, moving to a nearby town, or staying in the same community. But it does provide you with the opportunity to sort through your things before you make the move, lightening your load in the process. Make the transition in or out of Centerville, […]

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Rolled Up Quilts
A Place for Your Patchwork: Quilting Storage Tips

If you love to quilt or want to learn more about it, there’s no better place to be than right here in Bloomington, IN. The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show is held March 1-3 and features quilting workshops and shows. It gives local and area residents a chance to show off their work or participate in […]

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Dolly and Moving Boxes
All About Appliances: How to Store Them the Right Way

Whether you’re remodeling, moving, or want to preserve old appliances to pass down to your kids when they move out, storing appliances correctly is crucial. From pest prevention to avoiding dents and damage, protect your investments from all kinds of hazards. With locations in Indianapolis, IN and cities across the Midwest and Southern regions, Storage […]

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Self Storage pest control
Outsmart Pests

Summer is finally here and with it Mother Nature is in full swing. The grass is green, the flowers have bloomed and the insects and critters have come out. With a little bit of preparation you can ensure that your items are better protected from any curious creatures who might try to sneak into your […]

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Plastic Boxes On Shelves
A Place for Everything, Everything in it’s Place

Declutter and organize your life. Let Storage Express help take some weight off your shoulders… and your living space. Now that you’ve rented your storage space and packed it to the brim you can finally organize at home. These tips will help you make effective use of all your newfound space and keep the clutter […]

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self storage 101
Self Storage 101

All storage spaces are not created equal. It’s easy to think that a 10’ x 10’ storage space is the same no matter where you go, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each facility is different and the extra services and amenities are what will make your storage experience top notch. When shopping […]

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