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Auction Sign
Real Storage Auctions of Indianapolis: Debunking the Myths

Don’t believe everything that you see on television. Storage auctions happen quite often in Indianapolis, IN, but they’re rarely like the bidding wars that take place in TV shows. An auction happens when a renter has no longer paid the monthly rent and leaves their items behind in self storage. We’re here to debunk the […]

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College Students Moving In
Summer Break Storage Solutions for Students Going Back Home

Your time away at school may be packed with activities, but stressing over what to do with your things over the summer months shouldn’t be one of them. Storage Express explains why storage units are an excellent option between semesters. With facilities in Columbus, OH and other locations around the Midwest, we’re here to help […]

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Chair and a table
Minimalism Made Easy with Self Storage

Minimalism has swept the nation and affected how people live in and decorate their homes. Residents in Clarksville, IN are hopping on the minimalist train, opting for less clutter and more space. Living minimally doesn’t mean getting rid of everything in your home. In fact, it simply means getting rid of the excess to live […]

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24/7 Electric Sign
24-Hour Rental Centers: Do Self Storage on Your Time

When it comes to storage units, access is key. Between work, family, and other responsibilities, you’re on a crunch for time, and it’s not always easy to align your schedule with that of your storage facility. To make your storage experience more convenient than ever, we’re offering something entirely new to the storage industry: 24-hour […]

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Woman Packing Closet
“Takin’ Care Of Business” … & Inventory!

Store your excess inventory at Storage Express. You’ve just opened your office and need a place to store your excess inventory. You could keep it in the office, but you don’t want the clutter making things look unprofessional. You could rent a warehouse, but that comes with an expensive long-term lease. What may not cross […]

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Self Storage pest control
Outsmart Pests

Summer is finally here and with it Mother Nature is in full swing. The grass is green, the flowers have bloomed and the insects and critters have come out. With a little bit of preparation you can ensure that your items are better protected from any curious creatures who might try to sneak into your […]

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Plastic Boxes On Shelves
A Place for Everything, Everything in it’s Place

Declutter and organize your life. Let Storage Express help take some weight off your shoulders… and your living space. Now that you’ve rented your storage space and packed it to the brim you can finally organize at home. These tips will help you make effective use of all your newfound space and keep the clutter […]

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self storage 101
Self Storage 101

All storage spaces are not created equal. It’s easy to think that a 10’ x 10’ storage space is the same no matter where you go, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each facility is different and the extra services and amenities are what will make your storage experience top notch. When shopping […]

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Hands holding up bid signs
Are you auction savvy? Going once… going twice… don’t miss out.

Since its debut in 2010 the TV series Storage Wars has turned self storage auctions into a cultural phenomenon. Along with several similar shows and spin-offs, the once niche world of storage auctions has been brought into primetime. Storage Express holds auctions at all 87 of its facilities and the following tips can help prepare […]

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Hand Writing on board
Account Info at the Tip of your Fingers

We do spend a lot of time online; from shopping to banking everything has been made easier to do online, so why shouldn’t self storage be the same way. With Storage Express you can rent your new space and make all your payments online. You can handle everything on your account from the comfort of […]

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Start Fresh in 2015. Kiss Clutter Goodbye!

With the New Year upon us it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions. If one of your resolutions is to get more organized Storage Express can help you start off 2015 organized and clutter free. Kiss holiday decorations goodbye The holidays have come and gone but the decorations are still taking up space. Instead […]

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Temperature controlled self storage
Temperature Controlled Units – When do they make sense?

As the weather outside becomes more frigid we do everything we can to combat it. We crank up the heat at home, let the car warm up in the morning and bundle up before going out. While we do all we can to combat the cold at home the same care isn’t usually on our […]

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Self Storage Holiday Tips

With the holiday season just around the corner everyone’s schedule will start to get busier. Whether it’s finding a place for the decorations or just removing some of the clutter before the relatives arrive, self-storage can make your life easier around the holidays, especially when the facility offers 24/7 access and customer service for your […]

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