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Account Info at the Tip of your Fingers

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We do spend a lot of time online; from shopping to banking everything has been made easier to do online, so why shouldn’t self storage be the same way. With Storage Express you can rent your new space and make all your payments online. You can handle everything on your account from the comfort of your couch and if you ever need assistance one of our Self Storage Specialists is a phone call away 24/7.

Rent Online

After using our handy Storage Calculator to figure out what size of space you need you can rent it yourself in just a few minutes. We offer 82 locations where you can set up a space online and you can even take advantage of some great move-in specials. Your space will be ready to go before you even arrive at the facility. With 24/7 access to the property you can set up and rent your space anytime day or night.

Pay Online

When it comes time to make a payment it’s easy to set up an online account with us. After setting up your account it will become your one stop for managing your storage space. In addition to making payments you can also update contact information such as your address or phone numbers. You can even store your payment information online or set up auto-pay all through your online account. Any changes or payments are normally reflected on your account within a minute and a receipt will be emailed to you.

Your time is valuable and offering the convenience of setting up and managing your account online keeps storage on your schedule. Just in case, we have a Self Storage Specialist on the phone 24 hours a day every day to help out. You can give us a call or a click any time day or night.

Contributed by Tim Dunn