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A Place for Your Patchwork: Quilting Storage Tips

Rolled Up Quilts

If you love to quilt or want to learn more about it, there’s no better place to be than right here in Bloomington, IN. The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show is held March 1-3 and features quilting workshops and shows. It gives local and area residents a chance to show off their work or participate in classes to sharpen their skills. When the event ends, Storage Express is here with storage units to store your quilts and supplies.

3 Self Storage Tips for Quilting

Create a dedicated quilting space.

After attending the event, you may feel inspired to create your own quilts. However, you may not have the space at home to get organized and to start quilting in peace. Self storage comes in handy for getting rid of clutter or excess furniture. By moving out unnecessary items, you can have a nice space at home to quilt without feeling confined by extra clothing, furniture, and other items.

Prepare your quilts for storage.

Whether it’s a new handmade quilt or something vintage, it’s important to wash the fabric before placing it in storage. You may need to have the quilt professionally cleaned to prevent fabric damage on heirloom quilts or to preserve intricate stitching. For newly made quilts, wash them by hand with cold water and a liquid detergent. If you prefer not to wash any quilts, shake them a few times to remove dust, before placing it in storage.

Store your quilts, fabrics and supplies properly.

Many professionals roll their quilts loosely when storing them to avoid wrinkles and fading. You’ll also save space in your storage unit by rolling each quilt. Store your supplies in small storage bins, making sure to organize them for quick access later. Small cubbies work wonders for storing and organizing your fabrics.

Make Space for Your Quilting Hobby

Whether you need to create a hobby space or store quilting supplies, our storage units in Bloomington, IN give you a place to do both. Use self storage to declutter space at home for a quilting area or to protect your quilts from children, pets, and changing temperatures for later use. No matter if you’re a quilting pro or just getting started, don’t miss the local Indiana Heritage Quilt Show this March.