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A Place for Everything, Everything in it’s Place

Plastic Boxes On Shelves

Declutter and organize your life. Let Storage Express help take some weight off your shoulders… and your living space.

Now that you’ve rented your storage space and packed it to the brim you can finally organize at home. These tips will help you make effective use of all your newfound space and keep the clutter from creeping back.
Make it a routine
The hardest part about organizing is getting started. Set aside a window of time each week where you focus on cleaning up. Once you have the time set you need to stick to it. Eventually after enough repetition it will become part of your routine. If you can make cleaning up a regular part of your life, it will keep the job from piling up.
Use time effectively
Everyone knows the old adage “a watched pot never boils” so why not make better use of your time. While you’re waiting a couple minutes on the microwave you can take the time to put away the dishes or tidy up the countertop. Instead of watching commercials take a quick second to clean up the coffee table. Each one takes a couple minutes, but over the course of a week all of these little efforts add up.
Pack and purge
If you are using your storage space for seasonal items, packing them up is also a great time to get rid of things you don’t need. Why keep things like decorations you never put up or coats you never wear? When it’s time to put away out of season clothes or decorations take the time to go through them. If something hasn’t been worn or used in over a year it’s probably not something worth keeping.
Label and label some more
If you are putting things into boxes make sure to label them. You will save time instead of digging through box after box looking for something. If you want to do one better you can take a picture of the contents of every box. Later on you can consult the pictures and know exactly which box you are looking for before you even start hunting.
Give everything a place
One of the easiest steps to avoid clutter and keep organized is to make sure everything has a place. Instead of mail getting tossed on the table or counter by the door find a special folder for it. Add a shoe rack next to the door to keep them from getting scattered all over the house. A lot of your problems can be solved by just making sure everything has its own proper place.

The first step to decluttering is moving everything into a storage space from Storage Express. We’re open 24/7 and provide the best amenities and features to help keep your property safe and secure. Give us a call or check out one of our locations online to find out why storing with us is right for you!