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When self-storage units are abandoned or unpaid after a number of months, we hold public auctions to help clean out the delinquent storage units and try to recover rent owed to us. Auctions are common in the storage industry and are open to the general public. It’s an unfortunate, but necessary step for self-storage operators. For many people, it’s a great way to find unique items of interest at a fraction of the cost. We hold auctions online through


Please contact Leslie at 812-332-0030 or


  • How do I register/bid? In order to place a bid you must first create an account at To create a new account, click the button on the top, right corner of the StorageTreasures website. Select the “Auction Buyer” account type. You’ll be asked to enter your name and email address, and to choose a password. You’ll receive a verification email to the email address you provided. Access the link provided to activate your account
  • To the best of our (Storage Express) knowledge, none of the stored items are subject to a lien, other than that held by Storage Express.
  • Each space will have been inventoried, photographed and sealed. The items in the space will not have been touched and will be exactly as the customer placed them in the space. The inventory will be taken by standing outside of the space and looking in.
  • All items purchased are being sold “as is, where is”. Storage Express does not warranty or guarantee any item purchased.
  • All purchased items should be inspected prior to leaving the premises, especially items of furniture (dresser drawers, cabinets, etc.). Customers have been known to store illegal substances, so please check each item carefully. Storage Express is not liable for any illegal contents removed from the storage space/property by Purchaser.
  • The space must be fully vacated within 24 hours of the sale unless prior arrangements have been made with Storage Express. After 24-hours, any items remaining in the storage unit shall be considered abandoned to Storage Express and we may dispose of them. Failure to remove all items will automatically result in loss of privilege to attend future auctions. Use of any Storage Express dumpster is prohibited.
  • If required by state statutes, sales tax will be charged in addition to the accepted bid price, unless you present a tax exempt Resale Certificate.
  • Storage Express and its representatives reserve the right to bid on any and all storage units.
  • Storage Express may refuse to admit any bidder onto the property at their discretion.
  • As a visitor to our property, be advised that there are certain hazards, including, but not limited to, uneven pavement, storm grates, and moving vehicles. In exchange for Storage Express’ agreement to admit you on the property, you hereby agree to release and hold Storage Express and any of their representatives harmless from any and all liability for any injury you may suffer at the property or for any loss you may suffer while in attendance at this public sale.
  • Smoking is prohibited on Storage Express property.

What to Bring to a Storage Auction

  • Flashlight
    Storage units are unlit and often dark. Large, handheld spotlights are popular with regular buyers. Don’t get “left in the dark” about what you’re buying or what you’re missing!
  • Locks
    Don’t forget a lock! If you’re the high bidder, you’ll need to secure your space with your own lock immediately after the sale. You’ll need one lock for every storage unit.
  • Work Gloves
    You’ll probably want to get down-and-dirty with your new found treasure once the auctions are over. You never know what you’re getting into, so work gloves and old clothes are a good idea.
  • Trash Bags
    Alongside any treasures, there may also be trash. Large, strong trash bags are essential to have on hand. No trash may be thrown into Storage Express dumpsters. It’s your responsibility to remove any trash you come across in the unit from the property.
  • Other Helpful Supplies
    Who knows what condition the items will be in, or how well everything has been packed? The mystery is part of the fun, right? Extra boxes, packaging tape, moving blankets, and small tools (hammer, screwdriver, etc.) could come in handy. A hand towel, sunscreen, and a small first aid kit are also smart to have.